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Uniform Standard per our clients:

  • Pants…must be black dress polyester - no jeans, no spandex, no club type pants, no stretch pants, no cut or taped pants, they must be hemmed to just touch your shoes.

  • Shoes…must be Black restaurant non-slip shoes. No sneakers, no striped colors, no boots or high heels, no crocs, and never open toe shoes.

  • Black Socks and Black Belt…just black socks and a plain black belt…no white socks or no socks at all. No color belts.

  • Shirts:

    • Plain Black no print t-shirt for setup. No inside out shirts, no print shirts, no tank tops, no cut shirts, no wrinkled or musty t-shirts.

    • Black Dress Button-down long sleeve shirt, collared or branded. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Shirt should be pressed and ironed short, no wrinkles at all. (see example below)

    • Black Apron...Black long Bistro Apron (see example below)



  • Hair:  Must be natural in color -  no outrageous Colors, this means no bright red, green, purple, or bright colors. No messy dreads. Hair that is longer
    than shoulder length should be in a ponytail or rolled up in a bun. Facial hair must be trimmed and clean.

  • Nails:  NO long nails (daggers), nails must not be very long in nature and may not have crazy colors polished on them or any kind of dazzle.

  • Jewelry: Jewelry should be kept to a minimal (wedding ring, watch) NO big earrings or loops, they should be no bigger than quarter size. NO facial earrings at all!! This includes ears that are gauged that have big cut holes in them. This must have clear covering in them.. No, nose rings, No lip rings, No cheek rings, no eyebrow rings.

  • Cologne and perfume: Please wear minimal Cologne or Perfume, your scent should not over-power the guests.

  • PER COVID 2022:
    Black masks are now optional per client discretion.

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