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Event Subcontractor Work Opportunities:

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We are Atlanta's Premier Event Staffing Company. The success of Extreme Staffing comes from our event subcontractors experience and knowledge in the events industry. By always being positive, friendly, outgoing and attentive, this will ensure superior quality, service and success for our clients and their events.


We require all potential Extreme event subcontractors including Servers, Bartenders, Barbacks, Kitchen Prep, and Décor staff to have 1-3 years of experience in catering, restaurant and/or hotel. We look for well groomed, professional, responsible and teamwork staff.


The position you are applying for is an on-call part time Event Gig Subcontractor. You may accept or deny any shifts, as an event subconcontractor, you set his or her own schedule. Based on the needs of our clients, each on-call event gig Subcontractor is on an as-needed basis only. Extreme Staffing does not provide training, we rely on your expertise and experience in the event hospitality industry.


Event Subcontractor Rate and Payment Information:​ 


  • Prior to your first gig, you will be required to complete an Independent Agreement via Docusign.  

  • All event gig subcontractor contracts start at a rate of $18/hour with a 5-hour minimum.This means that if you work 3 hours you are guaranteed payment for 5 hours.​ Special Events and Holidays up to $25.00 an hour.

  • You will be reimbursed for any paid parking for all Intown parking per our client's locations.

  • You be paid for travel time for anything outside of the perimeter per each 45 min.

  • Extreme is on a weekly invoice payment cycle, the work week starts Monday and ends on Sunday. Event Subcontractor invoicing is done every Tuesday and you will be paid every Friday directly into your bank account electronically through Zelle or via mail by paper check. 

  • All Event Gig Subcontractors will be issued a 1099 at the end of the year if payments in a yearly time exceed over $600.00

We require that you:

  • Be a US citizen and show proof of citizenship upon request.

  • Have a valid driver's license or a State or Federal picture ID

  • Have Social Security number

  • Have reliable transportation and a knowledge of Atlanta's streets and highways or a good GPS system.

Grooming and Uniform Standards:

Our client's rely on a professional appearance for all of our staff to include a neat and tidy appearance



​If you would like to become part of Extreme Event Staffing team:

Email your resume to:​​  Or schedule a Zoom or phone interview with one of our managers by calling

404-815-5085 Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm

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